Women’s Shavers

Just like in the men’s models, woman today have a wide range of shavers from which to choose: rotary to foil, epilators to bikini trimmers, and more. According to this history of shaving, leg shaving among women did not gain popularity until silk stockings became scarce during World War II. Yet now, most women wouldn’t think of wearing clothing shorter than the ankle without making use of a razor. But what to choose?

Women’s electric razors should be specifically designed for the unique needs of a woman. Unlike shaving a man’s face, a powerful motor is not required, only one with a wide cutting area that will not clog. So, there’s no need to splurge on the more expensive men’s models. In fact, the women’s razors might even do a better job with the fine hair of the leg.

Lady's Shaver

Lady’s Shaver

Women’s shavers are sold in both foil and rotary types. When compared to foil shavers, some users feel that rotary shavers lack sensitivity. Rotary shavers do lead to a quicker shave, however, due to their larger surface area.

Due to the time required for a full shave, many women may not be able to shave as frequently as men. This, combined with the many sensitive areas related to women’s shaving, necessitates that shavers are working their best. Remington’s shaving tips recommends replacing screens and cutters every 12 months to prevent irritation.

Many women opt to use neither rotary nor foil shavers, preferring instead to use an epilator. Epilators can be somewhat painful and may irritate skin – imagine a motorized tweezers machine – but they greatly reduce the need for shaves, and can be used as little as once every two weeks.

Epiglide Wet/Dry Hair Removal System

Epiglide Wet/Dry Hair Removal System