Foil Shavers

Following the invention of the electric razor in 1928, The Remington Rand Corporation delivered the first truly popular shaver to the public in 1937. It was not until Alexandre Horowitz’s invention of a rotary shavers in 1939, however, that there existed a real competitor to reciprocating design of the original. Today the two designs compete, offering on option for every man.

Foil shavers work by placing high speed razor blades behind a protective ‘foil.’ The more foils (which usually number between one and four), the closer the shave. Compared to rotary shavers, foil shavers have less surface area and, thus, often require longer shaves. To speed the process, consider shaving against the grain of the facial hair. This may pinch the skin or irritate heavier hair types, but will be speedier when compared to shaving with the grain.

Remington Dual Foil Shaver

Remington Dual Foil Shaver

When deciding to purchase a foil shaver, consider comparison shopping using this lengthy list of shaver reviews. Of course, the first decision will be whether to purchase a foil shaver or rotary shaver. This is, naturally, a personal choice, but some of the shaving forums out there help users to decide which shaver will be best for them. Most reviews of electric razors also include a mix of foil and rotary.

Those ready to purchase can turn to online retailers, such as Amazon, which has a wealth of foil shaver options. Consider changing the sort option ‘Bestselling’ to get an idea of what other men are using.