Wet Dry Shavers

There are many different types of shavers for men, including not only foil and rotary types, but also those differentiating between wet and dry designs.

Men with sensitive facial skin might want to try a model designed to be used in the shower, where hot water can open up pores and ease the shaving process. Other wet dry shavers release shaving lotion to help smooth the process.

Philips Nivea Moisturising Shaver

Philips Nivea Moisturising Shaver

In general, though, rotary shavers are thought to work best with dry skin. Even wet dry shavers are prone to clogging in the shower, and only those with sensitive skin or other concerns should consider using them with water frequently. Luckily, all wet dry razors can be used in a dry environment as well, giving men looking for an adaptable product the best of both worlds!

Regular cleaning with water will save owners of wet dry shavers money on expensive replacement parts in the long run. Razors which are water resistant should be cleaned frequently as well, but only full wet dry razors should ever be used in the shower or bath.

As with all electric shavers, users should be aware that many companies offer their shavers in a range, allowing quite a few shavers to share identical machinery, and shaving performance, differing only in their extra features. Users will have to decide for themselves if extras like LCD battery display screens and faster recharging times are worth the extra cost, but comparison shopping can help. Product review site funskins.com makes recommendations for best foil, rotary, wet/dry, and budget shavers in its Men’s Electric Shaver Reviews and Buying Guide.